Course Curriculum

  • 2

    What is a Virtual Library

    • The Very Basics - Virtual Learning

    • Virtual Learning Vocab

    • An Exercise in Reflection

    • What is a Virtual Library & Why You Need One

    • Virtual Website Content Template

    • Virtual Libraries Made Easy Helpful Links

  • 3

    Build Your Virtual Library with Google Sites

    • Build your Virtual Library using Google Sites

  • 4

    Virtual Office Hours Made Easy

    • Virtual Office Hours Made Easy

    • Virtual Office Hours Planning Guide

    • Virtual Office Hours Resources

    • Virtual Office Hours Vision

  • 5

    Virtual Student Book Clubs Made Easy

    • Virtual Student Book Clubs Made Easy

    • Virtual Book Club Plan

    • Virtual Book Club

  • 6

    Parent Connections Made Easy

    • Parent Connections

    • Tech Tools for Parent Engagement

    • Parent Support Group Plan

    • Parent Support Group Resources

    • Resources for Parents [handout]

    • Parent Connections

  • 7

    Data Storytelling Made Easy

  • 8


    • Closing

Start building now!

This course will empower school librarians to create a virtual library and maintain a brilliant online presence.

You can remain valuable and visible during remote learning!

This course will give you plans, templates, virtual programming ideas, overviews of tech tools and links to resources.

  • Ideas for Virtual Parent Engagement

    Get ideas for virtual parent engagement, including ideas for engaging with parents of English Language Learners.

  • Virtual and Hybrid Learning

    Get ready-to-use ideas for 100% remote and hybrid learning environments.

  • Planning Templates

    Save time by using templates to develop your virtual library website and virtual programming.


Michelle Easley, Ed.S.

Michelle Easley, Ed.S.

Michelle is a public school educator with over 25 years of experience. She has served as a school librarian for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge. She has facilitated and developed online learning content for corporations, school systems and the American Association of School Librarians. She is an author and has done extensive work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. Let Michelle use her expertise to support you.

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